“Restoration Hardware: Stop production of your massive, wasteful mailer!”
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    Subject: Restoration Hardware
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    In recent days, people across the country have encountered a ridiculous "THUD" as the latest Restoration Hardware catalog has landed. The 3,300-page, 17-lb behemoth is causing massive headaches for customers and massive waste for our planet.

    What's worse -- customers that have unsubscribed from Restoration Hardware's list have are reporting that the company is ignoring their requests and still blasting them with the massive junk mailer. Customers are mocking the retailer over social media, and if we add our voices, we have a chance to make sure this is the last year "Deforestation Hardware" sends out its incredibly wasteful junk mailer.

    Please join me in telling Restoration Hardware to ditch its massive, wasteful junk mailer. http://act.storyofstuff.org/page/s/restoration-hardware-17-lb-catalog?utm_source=fwd&referring_akid=5.116205.aA4ONG&source=taf

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    Restoration Hardware 17 lb catalog

    Deforestation Hardware

    For many people across North America, the latest round of mail has landed with a "THUD".  Restoration Hardware's 3,300-page, 17-lb catalog has citizens crying foul over its massive waste.

    What's worse, people are reporting that they are receiving Restoration Hardware's junk mailer despite unsubscribing from its list. Customers are taking to social media to voice outrage and mock the massive mailer, generating press coverage coast to coast. If we add our voices to those calling out Restoration Hardware, we have a chance to make sure this is the last year "Deforestation Hardware" spams people with its incredibly wasteful junk mailer.

    Tell Restoration Hardware to ditch its massive, wasteful junk mailer.

    Restoration Hardware claims that its mailer is carbon-neutral, as if turning trees into unwanted, instantly-trashed waste could be made up for by buying a few offsets. Restoration Hardware isn't alone in sending out junk mail, but its mammoth mailer sets the industry standard for waste. By taking a hard stand here against this prominent example, we can send a message to companies that we aren't going to accept their wasteful ways.

    Together, we can hold companies accountable for the ways they waste Stuff. In the past, those of us outraged by Restoration Hardware's 17 pounds of junk waste would just have to fume to ourselves as we dumped it in the recycling. But these days, big companies no longer have sole control over their Stories -- we get to write what happens next! Thousands of people are taking to the internet to call out Restoration Hardware and let it know that this level of waste is simply unacceptable.

    No matter how it tries to spin the situation, Restoration Hardware still chopped down acres and acres of forest for a product that went straight to the trash for the vast majority of its "customers". But it doesn't have to be this way -- Restoration Hardware's catalog generates only a small fraction of the company's sales. If it invested more money in pointing people to its website and stores instead of sending out this wasteful catalog, the company could find a Solution that helps its bottom line, its customers' lower backs, and the planet's health. Join us today in getting Restoration to rewrite the Story.

    Please join us today in calling out Restoration Hardware and getting it to ditch its massive mailer.

    PS: As part of its PR response, Restoration Hardware claims that the paper it uses is "PEFC-certified" -- but the PEFC is compromised. It's led by the very industries chopping down the forests! According to Joshua Martin of the Environmental Paper Network, "PEFC certification is not generally considered adequate third-party verification of environmental leadership by the international conservation community and fails to guarantee good forest management."